Raad Ahmed


This is just one big page where I'll write all about myself.

My timeline

1987: born in Queens, NY
1996: first logged on the internet
1999: launched a website for my dad's moving company
2000: started my first business selling burned CD's
2002: learned to play guitar
2003: worked at CVS, got fired
2004: started a punk rock band, recorded music
2005: got into college majored in chemistry
2006: worked at a law firm, quit
2007: tried to launch an alcoholic beverage company, failed
2008: won "Greek God" a college greek life talent show
2009: graduated college majoring in philosophy of law
2010: got into law school
2011: launched myfbcovercoverphoto.com, made $250k/yr
2012: launched twitrcoverz.com, made $1k/yr
2013: graduated law school
2014: moved back home to study for the bar
2015: launched Lawtrades as a side project to pay off my law school debt
2016: got accepted to 500 Startups moved to California to work on Lawtrades full-time
2017: raised a few million dollars as part of our seed round
2018: failed to raise a Series A
2019: nearly ran out of money
2020: became cashflow positive
2021: crossed $9 million in annualized revenue
2022: raised a Series A