Raad Ahmed


September 8, 2021

The happiest people in the world knows how to unplug from their phones.

From 8:30am to 12:30pm– I sit at my desk and I set my Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Slack, and Mac to Do Not Disturb.

Sometimes I write, sometimes I sketch new features, or meditate, or walk, or learn, or review numbers.

No internet. No notifications. No text messages. No meetings. No instagram.

During these times of solitude, I studied for my LSATs, created my first app, thought of LawTrades, and wrote our application to 500 Startups that go us in.

Solitude breeds creative thoughts.

Distraction makes us unhappy. Bored. Restless.

Silence is the best way to enter a state of flow.

I say if you don’t control yourself, something else will.

Unplug today and unleash your creativity to the world.