Raad Ahmed

Why I write to you

September 8, 2021

At some point, company newsletters became this automated process of generating a list of recently posts and then blasting it to everyone without a second thought.

We justify it by trying to stay “top of mind” or have “multiple touch points” or “raise brand awareness”–even though you wouldn’t read it yourself.

Why do we do it?

One reason is it’s easy to avoid the shame and responsibility when emails aren’t sent under your own name. You’re not held accountable.

But that’s not “marketing”.

Marketing is just being valuable to strangers.

It’s deeply understanding their worldview and then creating something that connects with that.

It’s making it easy for people to remember you and tell their friends about it.

It’s helping people be their true selves, by you being yourself.

If you equate marketing to spending money on software so you don’t have to be creative—you’ll eventually feel shitty.

The secret is to keep finding creative ways to be yourself. That level of personal accountability is the best marketing.

It’s why I write to you here.