Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

💌 6 Things Thursday #50

Hi there,

Here’s another microdose of thoughts--made by me, Raad—founder of Lawtrades and writer at Spacecult.

1/ A clubhouse I’m hosting

Lawtrades: From near-death to profitability

Nearly lost the biz after failing to fundraise, chatting this Sunday @ 7pm ET with my co founder.

2/ An investor update I tweeted

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Raad⚔ @R44D

Lawtrades in February 2021:$409k in Sales (up 112% YoY)$288k in Revenue$81k in Gross ProfitsHighlights:- $7m+ earned by Lawtraders to date- Cashflow positive- Sold 0% equity last yrLowlights:- 1 logo churned- Gross profits down


March 7th 2021

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3/ A clip I watched

The creators of South Park share their best advice on storytelling.

Replace “and then” with “but” and “therefore”.

4/ An idea I’m still thinking about

One of my favorite poets David Whyte once said something to the extent that if people talked to their friends like how they talked to themselves, they’d lose all their friends instantly.

5/ A photo someone took of me

6/ An email I read

Why Kids Hate Writing

Kids love reading storybooks, but many stop reading altogether in a few years. Why? And why do adults use books to signal for other things?

Take away the freedom of time and the freedom to immerse in stories and ideas, you will get a generation of people who don't read and will only read for trite reasons. They watch YouTube, play video games, and chat on smartphones just fine. Because that's funto them. They will even read things on Instagram and Twitter. Once again, because that's fun.

Interests to learn often stem from fun things. Students don't have that luxury anymore. Who has time to think, let alone feel, when there are a dozen books to memorize for AP Lit essays, the plot, the characters, the themes, and else?

If you are a student or a parent, guard your (child's) freedom carefully. Don't lose the connection to the fun of learning.