Raad Ahmed
November 30, 2021

💌 6 Things Thursday #23


Welcome to the 20s! Here's another microdose of things I enjoyed this week--written by me, Raad—CEO of LawTrades.

1/ A tweetstorm I read 😤

Twitter avatar for @CatchKristen

Kristen Anderson @CatchKristen

A year ago today, we were almost out of money. We had a consulting client who owed us ~$450k, but was trying to negotiate down on the amount, despite work being fully delivered in September. Then, "the holidays" hit. 1/

December 20th 2019

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2/ Shorts I’m running with 🤘🏽

Satisfy Running Short Distance 8”

An anti-running running company with a punk rock twist. Their special fabric called Justice™ is prototyped in Paris and produced in Portugal. What makes it special is that it's woven, not knitted like most athletic fabrics. Because it's woven it dries 60% faster which is good for long runs, but also 35% lighter than the knitted fabric everyone uses.

3/ A docuseries I watched 🎤

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**ck This Up (Netflix)

Entrepreneurship is not easy, even if you’re a celebrity. Oscar contrition, extramarital sex, ego, and ambition, all wrapped in this six-part documentary.

4/ Books I consumed in 2019 💡

My Year in Books

I guess this is goodread’s version of Spotify Wrapped?

5/ An open discussion 🗣

What’s the first book you’re reading in 2020?

Let me know in the comments.

6/ A quote I’m pondering 🏹

“When the archer shoots for no particular prize, he has all his skills; when he shoots to win a brass buckle, he is already nervous; when he shoots for a gold prize, he goes blind, sees two targets, and is out of his mind. His skill has not changed, but the prize divides him. He cares! He thinks more of winning than of shooting, and the need to win drains him of power.”

— Tranxu