Raad Ahmed
November 30, 2021

💌 6 Things Thursday #26


Here's another microdose of things I enjoyed this week--written by me, Raad—CEO of Lawtrades.

1/ A post I read 👎🏽

Mean People Fail

“One is that being mean makes you stupid. That’s why I hate fights. You never do your best work in a fight, because fights are not sufficiently general. Winning is always a function of the situation and the people involved. You don’t win fights by thinking of big ideas but by thinking of tricks that work in one particular case. And yet fighting is just as much work as thinking about real problems. Which is particularly painful to someone who cares how their brain is used: your brain goes fast but you get nowhere, like a car spinning its wheels.”

2/ A clip I watched 🌎

A young Mark Zuckerberg describing his creation 15 years ago.

3/ A startup I discovered 🏠


The problem they’re solving for are professionals who are good credit risks but are priced out of homeownership from down payment requirements. Here’s how it works: You pick a house. They buy it in cash. You rent it from them at slightly more than market rent. You then vest 15% equity over 5 years with a 2 year cliff. They expect you to buy them out in 5 years.

4/ An email I read 🛠


Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase on what it means to be a PM.

5/ Notes I made public 📝

Book Brief: Courage

So many gems, but this one is my favorite:

Start with a simple exercise: always remember, whenever there is a choice, choose the unknown, the risky, the dangerous, the insecure, and you will not be at a loss.

Always choose the unknown and go headlong. Even if you suffer, it is worth it—it always pays. You always come out of it more grown up, more mature, more intelligent.

The only way to be fearless is to accept fear. Then the energy is released and becomes freedom. But if you condemn it, if you suppress it, if you hide the fact that you are afraid—if you armor yourself and protect yourself and are defensive—then guilt arises.

6/ An illustration I enjoyed

Have a rad week.

🛸 Raad