Raad Ahmed
November 30, 2021

💌 6 Things Thursday #36


Here's another microdose of things I consumed this week--written by me, Raad—CEO of lawtrades and writer here at spacecult.

1/ A clip I watched

Design Q&A w/ Charles Eames (YouTube)

What is your definition of “Design”, Monsieur Eames?

One could describe design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.

Is Design an expression of art?

I would rather say it’s an expression of purpose. It may, if it’s good enough, later be judged as art.

2/ An article I’m reading

Being alone

Maybe if we can keep on having our happy hours—or dates, birthday celebrations,  conferences—we’ll have a reason to tell our jokes, to wear a different shirt for once, to stay motivated to keep working. And maybe if we add on some things we would never imagine doing before—live video karaoke, video chat game nights, virtual weddings, book clubs!—we might experience some triumph of spirit. Something to remind us that we aren’t just surviving.

But the context that Zoom gives us is weak. Diet context. Gluten-free context. It just doesn’t quite taste the same as, well, real life.

When you hit “Leave Meeting” and the stereo white noise from other people’s bedrooms cuts out, the quiet hits quick.

You’re still in the same seat you’ve been in for weeks, breathing the same air, staring at the same wall. As much as you know that there’s a world out there—a world you were just seeing through the wizardry of high speed connection and built-in front facing cameras—the afterglow of that video context just doesn’t last.

You’re alone, bored and ready for this shit to end. The impatience is real, and we’re all feeling it.

That’s why we fill the moments between Zoom calls with puzzles, reading lists, new baking habits, virtual workout classes and endless social media scrolling.

But what if we didn’t need to fill those moments?

3/ An image I saved

4/ A thing about chords

5/ A museum I visited

Web Design Museum

6/ A comic I enjoyed

Artist: Ninn