Raad Ahmed
July 8, 2022

The flywheel concept applied to my life

A conversation with Kamrul Khan for the Bengalis of New York podcast

A flywheel is a set of actions you take where one thing leads into another, which

leads into another. Then you’re able to repeat that process, to achieve some

ultimate goal.

Within the context my own personal flywheel, it’s creating something and then

publishing it out into the world. Then getting visitors, traction, and feedback

from it. Which then makes me want to create more, which then publishes more,

and gets more people out there.

I use a similar approach to different companies that I build. There needs to be

some cycle that it goes through.

If you’re someone like Uber-more drivers out on the road leads to faster pickups,

which brings in more drivers on the road, which brings up more passengers. Which

then creates more revenue, which drives down the cost more.

A lot of things in life and any business you do, it’s helpful to look at it from that

high-level framework and understand, in the next 10 years, if you do this thing

there’s going to be some compounding effect to that.

So, I did it for myself as well.