Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

🐒 Easy distraction

Notice how often your attention gets broken when you try to do one thing.

The evidence is clear that multi-tasking generally doesn't work.

It can give you the illusion that you're getting two or more things done for the time of one.

But in reality, the quality of your work degrades across the board.

Therefore, the price you pay for switching between competing tasks is more significant than you think.

The modern life is shallow and distracted.

The quality life is deep and focused.

The ability to pay attention without getting carried away by all the distractions, emotions, and inner voices is a skill you can develop just like anything else.

As you start your day, notice the urge to do two things at once and then resist it.

To make it easy, simply focus of what you originally intended to do and forget about the second thing.

And when you do switch tasks, do it consciously.

When you pick up your phone to check twitter, or the price of bitcoin, or see if you received any new emails, do it with deep awareness.

Tell yourself, "this is what I am now doing now".

and then enjoy that