Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

Phantom failures 👻

As you consistently deliver results, have almost too much self belief.

Trust yourself in a delusional way.

Growth comes from thinking independently.

Keep tinkering until you get it right—even after getting knocked down.

Malfunctions are your means of education.

They show you your inadequacies and means of improvement.

Design bets where you lose 1x if wrong but make 100x if right.

Always try out your ideas—the failure you can never learn from will destroy you.

It is a curse to have everything go right the first time.

Fail in a venturesome spirit.

Each unit of failure will quiet your ego and show you with absolute truth how things must be done.

Confidence is in the absence of doubt, not the presence of pride.

Find your calling, share it generously, and reveal what you lack.

You have everything to gain.