Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

Fear eats the soul

I used to buy books to get rid of my fears.

But book publishers aren't in the business of eliminating it.

They're in the business of selling books, not truth.

They know people will gladly pay to be reassured that they can, common sense aside, live with fear but still be happy.

Learning to live with fear is a much more marketable solution than eliminating the poison making you sick altogether.

Fear is living within an overactive nervous system.

Happiness rests on our ability to detect the source of fear and disengage from it.

It starts with broadening your definition of it.

Observe, dissect, and detect macro patterns.

Watch your motivations.

Then find the motivations beneath the motivation.

Let go of your assumptions and approach it from the other direction.

Not from within but from without, not from the micro but from the macro.

Who you are is what’s in the way.