Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

Act like you don't need to raise money

VC's love to invest money in founders who don't need it.

Universities love giving scholarships to students who don't need their help.

People follow people on social media who won't give them the time of day.

It's a strange but universal human behavior.

If you set up your startup like you don't need the funding, investors are happier to buy your equity.

People who try too hard are annoying.

People who try too hard to be attractive are repulsive.

People who chase happiness are miserable.

When founders try too hard to raise money, investors can sense that desperation and get turned off.

When founders are doing a startup to make dreams come true for others, being giving instead of stingy, and 100% focused on creating value, it triggers this human condition:

We want to be generous to those who are generous.

Raising money is a skill like any other.

Learn it and practice it as you would anything else.

Set up your startup like you don't need the money, and it'll probably come your way.