Raad Ahmed
September 16, 2021

The point of meditation

Humans haven’t evolved to be happy.

Here’s how I know:

See if you can pay attention to something for the next 30 seconds.

Like your breath.

The sound of the trees or air conditioner if you’re inside.

Try reading a book without getting distracted by thought.

You’ll probably find that you can’t do it.

This is super fascinating.

We’re thinking without knowing that we’re thinking.

That puts our wellbeing at the mercy of whatever thoughts arise.

Our minds become an endless loop of hopes, fears, fantasies, and opinions.

All the unhappiness in your life starts here.

Meditation has the ability to break this spell and actually connect with the present moment.

Like how too many carbs lead to a bloated body, too many thoughts lead to a bloated mind.

Meditation is simply fasting for the mind.

But as you probably noticed, it doesn’t come naturally.

And just like any important skill, it grows with perseverance, patience, and training.