Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

💣 my 12 favorite problems

12 questions that drive my curiosity.

  1. how can i unlearn, let go, and reduce that which is untrue?

  1. how do i continue to explore, learn, and develop my child-like curiosity instead of being herded, molded, and homogenized in a society of "adults"?

  1. how do i deprive death of its greatest advantage over me?

  1. how can i find my way back to where the two roads diverged and i take the one less traveled?

  1. how can i shed the fear-based constraints of the false self (ego) and break loose of herd gravity?

  1. how do i get better at not fooling myself?

  1. how do i keep my inner space free of toxic, distorting, and polluting influences so that i can control my reality?

  1. how can i take a more holistic approach to my health based around nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, and supplements instead of waiting to get sick and then treating it after?

  1. how can i reverse my emotional polarity and confront the things i don't like, one after another, until only truth remains?

  1. how can i prioritize only one or two big desires in my life while recognizing those are areas where i've chosen to be unhappy?

  1. how can i prioritize freedom at all costs, instead of growth at all costs while running a venture-backed technology company?

  1. how can i avoid a life of duplicity and not say the opposite of what i feel?