Raad Ahmed
December 1, 2021

Core Values

Core values guide me to finding the right people to get into relationships with.

Whether that’s great coworkers, lovers, friends, or investors—when my values line up with theirs, I know I’m probably going to be around them for the rest of my life.

But when they don’t match, I’m usually fighting with them about one thing or another, and generally putting in more effort to maintain the relationship.

So here’s my 3 core values.


I believe in an openness to the truth and being yourself, no matter the consequences or where that road will lead.

This allows you reason independently from the ground up and resist the pressure to conform.

Within a social setting, I don’t want to be around anyone where I have to question my actions before and after I do them.

Thoughts like: “I should have acted this way; I should not have acted that way; I should have said this”—are all red flags.

I have no regrets, no apologies—whatever I am doing is automatic and authentic.

Plus, who really cares what I say anyway? So might as well speak my mind.


Are you living like the type of person you claim to be?

For the self-aware, reality is your best feedback.

This provides you with the right frame of mind to make better decisions.

You’re open, easy, and in tune with it all, rather than just stuck in your own head.

What you are aware of puts you in control; what you are not aware of is in control of you.

Action bias

I like to be around scrappy people that iterate quickly.

Always on the move.

No ones coming to save you and hand you a brighter future.

So if you want to do it, just do it.

There’s one goal: and it’s to keep plowing ahead further.

Leaving behind all fear, doubt, mediocrity, pettiness, and other chains that bind us.

Listen to the voice in your head that’s telling you do things a certain way, different from everyone else.

Then you get to be you.